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Students' Testimonials

"I have been learning Greek for eight years now, and one year with Ioannis was better that the previous eight put together! During this last year, and with the patient and professional help of Ioannis, I have been able to learn Greek sufficiently well to be able to now live and work in Greece. Ioannis was able to fit his teaching style to match my learning style, which meant that I was able to progress much quicker than I had with any previous tutors.

If you are thinking of learning Greek please give him a call - you won’t be disappointed!"

Malcolm Wright
Thessaloniki, Greece

"I cannot recommend Ioannis Patsikas enough.

He has been my tutor for a number of years and has enabled me, through his stimulating lessons and exemplary teaching methods, to progress rapidly, building an extensive and advanced vocabulary, which allows me to converse confidently in any situation. Ioannis Patsikas is particularly skilled at adapting each lesson to suit the pupil’s particular needs and interests and his knowledge of Greek culture and history is extensive.

Grammatical rules are explained clearly and precisely without over complication and you will find that you very quickly gain the ability to chat in Greek, giving you confidence and a real sense of achievement.

Ioannis is an enthusiastic and motivational tutor and I am happy to count him as a dear friend and mentor. Whether you want to learn enough Greek to enjoy a holiday there or wish to progress to a more advanced level for, perhaps business purposes, Ioannis will be able to help you easily attain and indeed far surpass your goals."

Kate Collings
Penge, London, SE20

"As a Greek tutor we have found Mr Patsikas very professional in his approach to teaching us the Greek language, and with his patience and understanding he has proved that even in your late 50s you can never be to old to learn a foreign language if you have a very good tutor."

Mr & Mrs Young
Catford, London, SE6

"Before coming to Ioannis Patsikas’ lessons, I had been attending Greek evening classes at college but had become increasingly frustrated with my progress or rather the lack of it! Then one autumn evening, I arrived on Ioannis’ doorstep and since then, due to his excellent teaching (and I might add his seemingly endless reserves of patience!) my confidence and ability have really improved. In Ioannis’ lessons, learning and conversation are combined in a truly friendly atmosphere."

Simon Herrington
Greenwich, London

"I have been Mr Patsikas’ student for the past four years. With his help and guidance, I have managed to achieve an A* grade in my Greek GCSE and an A grade for my Greek AS. I am currently studying for the A level but I am sure I could not have achieved those grades without Mr Patsikas’ help.

Even though we have to follow a strict plan for the achievements mentioned, the lessons are still always enjoyable and take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."

Elli Vlavianou, aged 14
Bromley, Kent